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There’s A New Drink In Town!

We are excited to tell you about a new liquid treat and based on the reaction of most kid’s who try it, we know it is perfect for your next Mitzvah!

Here’s the concept: You take a delicious sparkling beverage and drink it through a flavored top – Fuzion happens! An explosion of flavors blended right in your mouth.

The concept of Fuzion is the melding of a beverage with a fuzion flavor top. PopFuzion’s flavor tops are 100% sugar-free and are made with isomalt, a natural sweetner with half the calories of sugar.



Do you like vanilla soda? Here it is combined with orange to make a creamsicle flavored drink! Their vanilla cream soda is available with different flavored tops. As you drink the soda through the top, the flavors fuze to form a whole new flavor! Flavors include: Cherry, Orange, Grape and Lemon






Popfuzion kids

Everyone is all smiles when experiencing this liquid treat!!!



They also have a product called Vita-Fuzion with flavor topz. If you don’t feel like soda, but want something a little healthier, but not plain water or an over-caffeinated energy drink, this could be your solution. Their Vita-Fuzion drinks start with lightly sweetened sparkling water combined with a special sugar-free fuzion flavor tops in grape and lemon.




You must check out their customer testimonials (everyone is in love!) and ordering info on their Website. They can even customize the label on the bottle for your party. Be sure to tell them Mitzvah Market sent you!

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