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Super Cool Invitation Trend

We talk about “going green” when it comes to choosing your invitation; we talk about making it personalized; we talk about saving money; and we talk about connecting with your guests. Mitzvah Vendor David Shereck of Shereck Video Services, Inc. has the latest and greatest invitation Mitzvah Find that accomplishes all of these goals: a Web Invite.

For an upcoming November Bat Mitzvah, David designed and built an amazing Website that serves as an invite — and so much more. There is a video invitation, a place for RSVP’s, a quiz to see how much you know about the Bat Mitzvah child, info for out-of-town guests and all kinds of bells and whistles. David gave us a sneak peak and we had to share.

If this sounds like something you want to consider, drop David an email at david@shereckvideo.com or visit his Website.

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