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Super Big Pics

Super Size your Mitzvah child with Super Big Pics and save on your decor!

We found a great Website that takes your pictures and makes them into a life-size wall graphic or poster. (Think FatHead!)

They use eco-friendly inks and the reusable wall graphic is easy to install and will adhere to almost any flat surface and won’t cause damage during removal. We love when Bar/Bat Mitzvah decor can be reused in your child’s room!

These high quality and affordable posters start at $19.95 and the wall graphics start at $29.95 for a 18 x 24 and go up to $69.95 for a 40 x 72 size graphic.

Super Big Pics

Your picture (on left) will become the wall decal (on right).

super big pics

To learn more, visit their Website.



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