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Simcha Bucks

Recently a Mitzvah Mom wrote in to ask about appropriate gift ideas to give “kid to kid.” We thought that was a great question, and recently came across another idea that might be useful! Check out this clever Website, SimchaBucks.

SimchaBucks was created to help guests figure out how much money they should spend on a present for a special occasion, such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, baby showers and graduations. Additionally, the site can help event organizers manage the thank-you note process by recording the names of the gift givers and the gifts given.

In order to figure out how much money you should spend, you simply use a calculator on the site and supply information specific to your situation. This is taken into account along with other variables such as the month of the year and the state you live in.

Check out the Website and let us know if it is useful!

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