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We all look for new and different ways to entertain our guests at Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

We recently spoke to Kristin Vanicek to learn more about her mobile Salon called, that is visiting multiple Mitzvahs each weekend!

Keep reading to find out more about how this would work at your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah party:


MM: Please describe
KV: Lexi Style Hair Boutique is a mobile Salon specializing in the hottest trends in hair accessories. We offer the best salon quality hair flair for any event. Our licensed professional stylists and glamorous “Salon” setup will make your guests feel like they just stepped into a high end hair salon. “Hair Flairs” offer fun ways to decorate and add sparkle and style to your hair. Hair Tinsel and Ombre Hair Extensions have been seen on NBC’s Today Show and in W Magazine -this promises to be a huge hit at any event.

Lexi Style

Beyonce with tinsel in her hair

MM: What type of services do you offer?
KV: Lexi Style Hair boutique offers products and services to the party industry as an added form of entertainment for your guests to enjoy. Let’s face it who doesn’t want to be pampered at all times? Our products include; Pro Hair Tinsel, Ombre Hair Extensions, Fun Color Extensions, Grizzly Extensions, Clip in Extensions, Stylish Feathers, Wild Hair Wear, Tribal Clip Ins and Hair Crystal Application.

Lexi Style

MM: How does this work at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?
KV: Your guests will sit down and relax as our stylists add just the right amount of “Flair” to their look. Our stylists will also give each guest a care card which will inform each person how to properly take care of their new accessories allowing them to last longer.

Lexi Style

MM: Do your product offerings ever change?
KV: Lexi Style takes pride in being ahead of the trends, so we are always updating and changing the products we offer. Some of our products are available at events even before they hit the stores or salons. We understand clients may be concerned when booking for an event a year in advance that the products may not be “in style” come the time of their party. When you book an event with Lexi Style, you can be guaranteed that your guests will have the latest and hottest hair accessories to hit the scene!

MM: What about the boys?
KV: Lexi Style is not just for the girls. We have a product called “Color Fade” that rubs on and washes out. The boys love it!  Believe it or not we also have several boys requesting Pro Hair Tinsel and Drop Feathers at our events.

MM: Do guests get their styling during the cocktail hour and/or celebration?
KV: Lexi Style is available for the entire length of any event and absolutely will be prepared to begin during cocktail hour. We have a three hour minimum booking and will work with each client individually to recommend the proper service for their event. Each event will differ from the next and we will ensure that our clients have our full attention during the booking process to create the perfect arrangement for their special occasion.

Lexi Style

MM: How much room do you need for set up?
KV: We require a 12 x 6 foot space for our entire Salon Boutique setting. We do realize that not all venues will be able to provide these accommodations, and have experience working with the venue management to arrange the best spacing possible to provide each client with that glamorous “Boutique” feeling.

 Lexi Style

MM: How far do you travel?
KV: Lexi Style is available for travel in all areas. We specialize in catering to clients in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. However we welcome requests to travel outside of these locations, and are capable of providing an “al a carte” type of salon setting which will reduce the size of our boutique to allow the convenience of travel to these clients.

Lexi Style

MM: How many stylists do you usually provide at an event?
KV: Our stylist recommendations are booked according to the amount of guests invited to attend each event as well as the amount of time Lexi Style is hired to provide our services. On the average most events require two stylists providing services for a four or five hour event, which will accommodate up to 150 guests. Any event exceeding the amount of guests listed above will require additional stylists.

To learn more about Lexi Style, visit their Website and you can see them in action at the upcoming Celebrate! Party Showcase on Sunday, March 25, 2012 in Greenwich, Connecticut at the Hyatt.


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