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Ooh La La Candy


We first met Ooh La La Candy at a Celebrate! Party Showcase. We loved their candy cupcakes and line of invitations and favors.

With a variety of gift assortments and candy-filled greeting cards, they have something for every occasion.

Their elegant and affordable cupcakes come in many fashionable designs, style and color.

Ooh La La

They call this one “fashionable chic”

Ooh La La

This design features large gumballs and works well for a sports related themed party

Ooh La La

We loved this favor idea, Peace, Love and Candy!

Ooh La La

This flower candy cupcake comes out of a real reusable flower pot

The Ooh La La Candy Cupcakes are so much more than the traditional cupcakes.  They are perfect party favors, can be easily matched up to whatever your theme is and will last up to 24 months.

For more information visit their Website.



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