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Mitzvah Idea: Parker’s Crazy Cookies


Talk about personalization…check out Parker’s Crazy Cookies.

This company takes a photo and then creates a cookie in that image!



The taste is close to animal crackers but they are people crackers. The cookies are kosher and vegan. We really like the company’s slogan: “Where you can be a cookie and we can make it happen!”

Parker's crazy cookies

A Parker’s Crazy Cookie customer and her cookie creation!

Parker's Crazy Cookies

A Bar Mitzvah boy who likes guitars!

The cookies come individually wrapped in a cellophane bag with a customized label and they need 2-3 weeks lead time, minimum 25 bags per design.

Parker's crazy cookies

They also have a Jewish collection for $2.99 a bag and you can customize the front sticker for $20.00 more

Parker’s Crazy Cookies are great as party favors with a glass of milk and please go ahead…bite their head off!



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