Mitzvah Idea: is a a great Website that helps you create a personalized cash registry for your child, so you can politely ask guests to give cash for things your child really wants or needs.

If also solves another problem….many Moms like to send a gift (check) back with their RSVP card, now you can arrange for your RSVP’s to be done via email and gifts done online!



We checked it out and found the process to be very simple. You just sign-up for a free account, set-up a Web page for friends and family members and let everyone know the URL.

They have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah template

Guests visit your customized page and can give money (in increments you pre-select) toward either a specific item you list or a category/item suggested by the Deposit a Gift.

Your child’s page can serve as your Mitzvah Website, featuring photos, event details, and any information you want to pass along to guests along with the registry. Very cool! Once there‚Äôs at least $200 in your account, you can take cash out in the form of a check, Visa gift card or direct deposit to your bank account.

We loved their demo videos that clearly explain how to create a registry or how to give a gift.

To learn more, visit their Website.


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