Mitzvah Find: Stoney Clover Lane


The Kardashian sisters, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. What do they all have in common?

They did not have a Bat Mitzvah, but they all love something that we think would make a great Bat Mitzvah gift.

Stoney Clover Lane is a jewelry design company started by two sisters who were raised in Palm Beach, Florida. They are 19-year old Kendall and 17-year old Libby.

Stoney Clover Lane

These stylish sisters are always up to date with the latest accessories and have arms filled with bracelets, necks draped with necklaces and fingers covered with rings.

One day, instead of buying jewelry, they decided to use their creativity and craft their own accessories.

Take a look at some of their creations:


Mitzvah Find Stoney Clover Lane2

Mitzvah Find Stoney Clover Lane Taylor Swift

Mitzvah Find Stoney Clover Lane1

They create these fabulous bracelets that are not only beautiful, but they also donate a large portion of the proceeds to The Dream Foundation. This organization enhances the quality of life for individuals 18 and over who are terminally ill and helps realize their final wish.  To date they have granted ten wishes and have donated over $10,000.

All of their bracelets are handmade with different charms from all across the country, and all of the charms have a different meaning.  You can create your own or go through their gallery of pictures.

For more information, visit their Website.

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