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Mitzvah Find: Light Affection

We recently saw this item on NBC’s The Today Show as a great gift suggestion. We thought it was worthy of a Mitzvah Find!

Light Affection turns any personal photograph into a glowing work of 3-D art. Two moms in California started this amazing company and it has taken off.  When you send in your photo of choice, Light Affection creates a carving  that looks like marble. An energy efficient bulb lights the image from behind and projects the image in a way that makes the photo appear to be in 3-D with a beautiful glow.

Frames come in many different styles. Prices start at $44.95. What a unique way to display special pictures and use as decor at your Mitzvah reception. We think it also makes a great gift!

See some samples below:

Ligt Affection1


light affection 4

Melanie Griffith and her daughter

To learn more, visit their Website.


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