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Mitzvah Find: Deco Dots

Are you planning to create your own floral centerpieces?

Deco Dots is a great idea to spruce up a simple arrangement and add color and texture.

Produced from 100 percent recycled plastic, these decorative dots can be added by the handful to any floral arrangement.

Created by Austin-based Amy Mosier, the tiny accents are available in colors ranging from subdued blue and brown to eye-catching orange and lemon. Each pail of dots retails for $12.95.


See how Deco Dots can give any centerpiece style below:


Deco Dots


Deco Dots


Deco Dots

A percentage of each Deco Dot container sold will be donated to an organization called Kids For Saving Earth. This is an organization that provides teachers and families the tools needed to educate our children on the many ways that we can help protect and make a positive impact on safeguarding our planet.

For more information, check out their Website.

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