Incorporate Your Theme Into Green Screen Photos

Wentling Studio in the San Francisco Bay area was one of the first award-winning photographers to embrace digital technology.

They can create customized green-screen photo backgrounds which include the theme and/or photos of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child.



Check out some of the examples below:


Wentling Studio

For a “Jake Of The Jungle” theme

Wentling Studio

“The Oliver Experience” was a 60’s style party that was a throw back to the “summer of love” look. San Francisco designs as well as psychedelic backgrounds made for a fun party

Wentling Studio

Movie marquee with name and date of mitzvah girl on the marquee. Also the movie posters in background had Danielle’s favorite movie (note Danielle’s face replaced Reese Witherspoon’s face so it appears that SHE is the star of the movie)

Wentling's Studio

Great background for a ski themed Bar Mitzvah

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