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Gamin’ Ride

We met this new Vendor at the recent ORT Party Planning Showcase and wanted to bring this concept to you our readers.

We got the chance to speak with Gamin’ Ride franchise owner Charles Fruscione to learn more:

MM: Please describe Gamin’ Ride.
Gamin’ Ride is a mobile video game entertainment theater. We bring the party to you with four dimensional interaction: surround sound, Hi Definition graphics, seats that vibrate/interact with the game, and scent canisters that aromatically put you in the action. So if you are playing Madden NFL football you will actually smell fresh cut grass as if you were on the field. You can also smell birthday cake or popcorn while you play a Super Mario Brothers game. There are a variety of scents to coincide with different games. We have over 75 games in our catalogue that are played on three different game systems: PlayStation3, Wii, and XBOX. Each of our four 46” screens inside is equipped with all three game systems and enough seating for 16, and two 55” screens outside that can accommodate up to 8 more players. Gamin’ Ride allows for 24 players to play their favorite video games simultaneously.

Gamin ride

MM: How can families use Gamin’ Ride for their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration?
We understand that parents are spending a great deal of money on their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, and the thought of taking the children outside of the event is a cause for trepidation, but we would only escort a fraction of them out in timed intervals. This still allows for ¾ of the children to remain inside to enjoy the entertainment, and the other ¼ creating memories that will last a lifetime. At the end of the event a seamless video montage incorporating all of the groups will be presented to the parents and their guests, if it is to their liking.

MM: How would it work?
The children would be divided into groups based on the number of children and the length of time we are there. Each group would be given a different colored bracelet and the color would be called out and the children escorted to a side door where the Gamin’ Ride would be parked and ready for them to enjoy. This is something that ALL of today’s children LOVE to do, and it allows them to do it in a unique and exciting way with a large group of friends, creating a special and memorable experience that truly has a WOW factor!

MM: What areas to do you service?
Our franchise currently services Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.


This is a great idea for a child’s birthday party or backyard Mitzvah celebration too!

Check out their Website for more info.


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