Electronically Inviting

Let us admit right off the bat (or bar…no pun intended!) that we are physical invitation type of people. We like to touch and feel our invitations. We don’t mind e-vites for backyard BBQs or 40th surprise parties, but when it comes to more formal events we never thought about going the email route as there is no substitute for nice stationery if you want to follow etiquette. But lately we are rethinking this stance; there are so many wonderful virtual options on the market and they can make your life so much easier!!! Today we want to share a Mitzvah Find that we are crazy about!  Paperless Post is literally the best of both worlds!



Paperless Post formal

Something formal…

Paperless Post fun

Something fun

Not only do they offer gorgeous invitations, but they also offer outstanding services. The site will manage your event online, track who has viewed your invite and record RSVPs. You can custom design invitations, similar to those you would send on real paper if you weren’t trying to save the planet and some money at the same time! The stamps are virtual ($10 for 250) and you don’t have to stand on line at the post office and hand stamp all your invitations!  When you sign up, you earn stamps right off the bat and when you invite friends, you earn more stamps! We hope you will check them out here.

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