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DIY Centerpieces

Awesome Events DIY Centerpiece kits are designed to save you time and money….we love that!

You get to choose the design and color options. Each kit contains detailed instructions and a photograph of what the completed centerpiece will look like. You will need a glue gun or spray adhesive to make the centerpieces, which include techniques that professional designers use.

I Did It Myself Centerpiece


Awesome Events also has a recycle program. You have the option of returning the products you purchased for your event. You must pay the return shipping and the refund will depend on the pre-determined amount allotted for the specific product and the condition of the products returned.

I Did It Myself Centerpiece

Rock On!

Buying a kit from them takes out the guesswork. Yet, there is enough flexibility to change or add to the design if you need something unique. You choose your design and color options. Your kit will include detailed instructions and a photo of what the completed design will look like. They also provide some great place card templates and sign-in boards as well.

I Did It Myself Centerpiece


For more information, check out their Website.




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