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Customized Download Cards As Place Cards!


Most of our Mitzvah Kids (and us adults too!) have iPods/MP3 players which are filled with our current play list. Where do most of us get our music? We download songs!

Picture your guests getting a customized music download card at your child’s Mitzvah. They can be used in a variety of ways. We love the idea of using these as place cards!

Customize download card

You fill in your guests name and table number

Customize download card

Instructions on how to download their complimentary song are on the back of the card

Customize download card

You can design the card with your child’s special message

They can also be given as a party favor to young guests in whatever amount you would like or sent as part of the thank you note, this is a gift that keeps giving. The songs that are downloaded from your card will remind everyone of your child’s special day!

To learn more contact Judy Chase from Alfacard, Inc at 718-326-7107 or judy@alfacard.com.




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