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Collagaparty At A Mitzvah Near You!

At Collagaparty, they help your Bar/Bat Mitzvah guests collectively create an inspirational, fun personal collage art project for the guest of honor, leaving you and your family with lasting memories.

Select decoupage or paper collage and have the best organic creative experience.

We spoke with the creator of Collagaparty, Ruthie Azarch to learn more:

MM: What is Collagaparty?
Collagaparty is exactly how it sounds, it’s a party when you are collaging. It’s fun, engaging, interactive and you get lost in your imagination while you are building your collage piece. Whether a private small party or a corporate event, Collagaparty will provide a unique art experience and process designed specifically to your needs.


MM: How does this work at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?
At a Bat/Bar Mitzvah it is fabulous. Tucked in a corner a blank canvas sits atop an easel waiting for the artists/guests to arrive. They either come naturally to see what it is or are invited by me to contribute to this collaborative work of art made for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah guest of honor. Throughout the party, adults and children delight in adding more and more so that by the end of the party it is a completed unique work of art.


MM: Do you supply everything the guests need?
Collagaparty provides all materials and we are on site to help your guests. Frequently shyness sets in or a lack of confidence when it comes to being creative. I am there to facilitate a successful activity where no one walks away without contributing something. I point out all the materials and make suggestions exploring what they’d like to do. My motto is “Everything works.”


MM: What area do you service?
Though I reside in Manhattan, I am servicing Long Island, Manhattan, Westchester and New Jersey.

MM: Does the guest of honor go home with the finished product?
ABSOLUTELY!!! It is the most unique memorable gift created by his/her family and friends.


To learn more, visit their Website.

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