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Choco Rocks


Mitzvah Market recently visited Unique Accents in Northbrook, Illinois. This store has been providing unusual gifts and home accessories for over 15 years.

We went crazy for Choco Rocks! It looks like a bowl of decorative rocks from a garden, but it’s actually chocolate.



Choco Rocks

Delicious Choco Rocks

If you are planning a candy or chocolate themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah or are just looking to place something different on the bar during cocktail hour or something to place on your guest’s tables, give this a try.

Choco Rocks

Many people match M & Ms to their Mitzvah decor. Choco Rocks come in colors too:

Choco Rocks

Silver Choco Rocks

Choco Rocks

Pastel Choco Rocks

For more information, contact Gary at Unique Accents.

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