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Looking for something really cool?

Ice Bulb, a Guiness Record holder for the World’s Largest Ice Sculpture, offers a wide range of stunning ice decor pieces including furniture, beaded curtains, food displays and portraits.

We are not talking your typical ice sculpture. Your guests will be sipping from ice martini glasses while nibbling sushi from custom created ice bars.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the pieces are designed to last from four to six hours in a normal environment and the company provides lighting for its sculptures in all of its packages.

The recently launched company customizes each piece off site, although ice carving demonstrations are available for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Ice Bulb designers will add drama to your Mitzvah theme by creating life sized cars, animals and centerpieces made entirely of ice.

Ice Bulbs

Create an icy atmosphere with bars or lounges, complete with ice walls and bars, sofas and chairs.  Worried about practicality? Your guests will be comfortable with cushions to sit on

Ice Bulbs

Customized sculptures

Ice Bulbs

How about an ice curtain!

For more, check out their Website.



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