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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Logo Ideas


We believe that a fun, creative logo can inspire your event design and tie all of your elements together.


We found a great Website based in the DC area called, PARTY FAVORites. Their team produces a daily blog which showcases what they feel is the “best of the best” in the special events industry.

Their inspiration gallery features a variety of one-of-a-kind logos that just might inspire you and your child! They work with clients all over the country and can help design your Mitzvah logo. We have shown some of their work below with their suggestions on how to incorporate your child’s logo into your party elements:

1.    Imprint your logo on your party favors.

Favorite Things

2.    Use your logo on your invitations and placecards.

Favorite things

3.    Incorporate your logo on your table numbers.

Favorite Things

4.    Have your lighting designer create a custom GOBO with your logo and project it on the dance floor or above the band or DJ.

Favorite Things

5.    Put your logo on custom cookies (Party Favorites carries a fabulous custom cookie line) and serve them with dessert.

Favorite Things

6.    Create M&Ms with your logo in your event colors.

Favorite Things

7.    Customize your cocktail napkins with your logo.

Favorite Things logo

8.    Use your logo on your Sign-In Board.

Favorite Things

9.    Print your logo on shirts for your catering staff to wear at your event.

Favorite Things

10.  Print your logo on your menus.

Favorite Things

Thanks to Lisa from PARTY FAVORites for sharing these ideas with Mitzvah Market!

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