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A Charming Affair

The word on the street is that interactive entertainment is a lasting trend in the party-planning world. Giving your guests the chance to actively get involved in the event’s agenda not only lets guests feel personally connected to the event, but it might also give them a cool, personalized favor to take home.

One example of a vendor that offers an interactive service is A Charming Affair, based in Woodbury, NY. A Charming Affair team member sets up a table at your event (Mitzvahs, birthday parties, Sweet 16s, etc.) and guests (boys and girls) are encouraged to design their own keepsakes. Each child chooses from a variety of chains and charms. A Charming Affair offers sports, crystal and themed charms that might reflect each guest’s favorite sport or hobby.

Interested? Feel free to contact A Charming Affair at 516-496-8391 for more information. Or if you are feeling really daring, consider trying to organize your own interactive jewelry-making station at your next special affair.

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