Where To Put The Envelopes!



Our Mitzvah Moms who have already been thru planning a child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah have the greatest ideas!

This one comes from Mitzvah Mom Bethany who realized she wasn’t prepared at Mitzvah #1 when guests began handing over their gift envelopes to her and her husband.




For the second child’s Mitzvah she realized what she needed to do and always makes this suggestion to friends. Bring a fold-up tote bag!

Fold up bags for envelopes

These bags are from

This way, you have a place to put the envelopes. Thanks Bethany! Great idea that I bet we don’t think of as we are walking out the door for our child’s Mitzvah celebration.

If you have a great Mom-to-Mom tip for our readers, please let us know at


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