New Mitzvah Organzier Spread The Word About Your Mitzvah Project

As our readers know, we have written over 100 Mitzvah Project profile stories and we also have a robust database of organizations that would like to be the beneficiary of children’s Bar Bat Mitzvah projects.

Once your child decides on their Mitzvah Project, how will they spread the word and organize their collection?

Enter Their goal is simple, yet powerful. They have an online tool that enables people to go out and spread the word about their Mitzvah Projects, and ultimately raise money on their behalf.

They offer a full array of social networking integration, which allows the supporters of a non-profit to instantly and effortlessly spread the word about their fundraising efforts to their entire network of contacts. Through the creation of personalized fundraising pages, supporters can invite friends, family and co-workers to visit their site, learn more about their non-profit and ultimately donate to the organization directly from their page.

Here are a few examples of how Bar Bat Mitzvah kids have used to get exposure for their Mitzvah Project:

Ari Singer had a goal of raising $1,000 by November 2, 2013, for his Mitzvah Project benefitting Hoops For Kids, part of the Netanya Foundation. Check out how he did here

Root Funding

 Liam Serota set a goal of $2,500 for ALEH, an organization who cares for children with medical conditions such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome, as well as genetic disorders, including Tay-Sachs, Canavan Disease and Rett Syndrome. He rode his bike for a total of 61 miles with his Dad and friends. Check out how much money Liam raised here works because when a potential donor is approached by a relative or friend, the chances that a donation will be made is significantly greater than if that same person was approached by the non-profit itself.

To learn more about, contact Sandy Ungar at or at 888-766-8386, Ext 201. She can help you get started with your Mitzvah Project online campaign.


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