Personalize Your Tallis And More…


Once Upon A Pillow is a collection of products that embraces family history and life cycle events and can be enjoyed from generation to generation.

Creator Ellen Gang, combined her expertise in fabric and design with her passion for vintage photographs and family heirlooms.

As part of her Judaica collection, “Once Upon a Tallis” offers customized traditional and designer Tallitot, personalized with family photographs and rich embroidery.

Tallis 1

Tallis 4

You can include a personalized inscription printed inside the neckline and/or names of family members in the photos.

Here is an example of an inscription:

“Dear X….As you wrap yourself in this Tallit and you embrace our heritage and traditions, feel the love and warmth of your family on this most special day. Pass on the stories of the generations before you, and as you go through life, may you always feel as proud of yourself as we are of you today. We love you!! Mommy and Daddy”

Tallis 3

Ellen tells Mitzvah Market that her most popular item is the Bat Mitzvah pillow, which incorporates the Bat Mitzvah invitation on fabric on an embellished silk pillow.

ellen gang-4

This collection captures a moment in time, celebrates a milestone, and passes the memories along to future generations.

To learn more and see her other products, visit her Website.




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