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Mitzvah Mom Find: CampusQuilts.com

Who better to find the latest and greatest for all-things Bar Bat Mitzvahs than our own Mitzvah Moms?

After your 8th grade son or daughter is finished with the Bar Bat Mitzvah “circuit,” they will be left with lots of wearable favors. Everything from sweatshirts, t-shirts and even PJ bottoms. After a few months, you might realize you don’t have room for all of these extra articles of clothing.

We love what one Mom discovered: Mom Rhonda asked her daughter to select her 16 favorite Bar Bat Mitzvah sweatshirts and then created a quilt that her daughter takes to summer camp each year!

She used CampusQuilts.com.

Campus Quilts

A wonderful keepsake and a great way to recycle Mitzvah Favors!

If you have a great idea to share with our Moms, please let us know at info@mitzvahmarket.com.

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