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Mitzvah Idea: Party Philanthropy

Mitzvah Moms come up with the best ideas! We discovered this unique organization and we can’t wait to pass it along to our readers.

The Make it Count Project provides creative and useful craft projects, to be completed at your event, for charitable donation. You choose the project you want and the charity organization that will benefit.

Amy Wynn Brown from Studio City, California, was thinking of something to do for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah other than hiring entertainers or give party favors which get thrown away or forgotten. Brown spoke to her Rabbi about her concerns and he reminded her that the importance of this type of occasion for a 13 year-old boy or girl isn’t the party or gifts, but “to give back to the community as an individual, not just as a family.” Brown used her extensive background as an event planner, volunteer art teacher and clothing manufacturer to make her idea a reality.


Make It Count project

Mitzvah kids participating in a Make It Count project

Here are two examples of projects available from The Make It Count Project:

The Hobby Box project is an activity box that guests decorate with patterned tapes and stickers and then fill with games, puzzles and craft activities. They created The Hobby Box project when a woman in the office was helping raise money for a boy she knew who was fighting cancer. While undergoing chemo therapy, the young boy was bored and it was clear he needed something positive to do to keep his mind and creativity active.  

Make it Count Hobby Box

 The Hobby Box


They also have Baby Blankets large enough to cover  infant incubators at a hospital’s ICU. Hospitals need the blankets to help block some of the light for the sensitive eyes of the infants. They also add a personal touch to the baby’s first “crib” and parents love to look in and see the color surrounding their baby.  

Make it Count Blanket

 Colorful Baby Blankets 

The original concept was created with “Mitzvahs” in mind, they have since expanded to include other special occasions. They now sell “Make It Count” kits, so you can participate from anywhere in the country.

For more information, visit their Website. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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