Mitzvah Find: Wear My Prayer



Wear My Prayer creates trendy, chic jewelry that will carry your prayers or wishes close to your heart and would make a great gift for a Bat Mitzvah girl.

Wear My Prayer was founded by Galya Harish, a business woman who wanted to create meaningful jewelry that can change people’s lives.

She draws inspiration for style and fashion from the latest fashion shows and trends. “Every time you wear your jewelry, you remember your prayer” says, Galya.



Wear My Prayer pendant

The amazing flower from the Judean desert, also known as the Rose of Bethlehem, opens up with a few drops of water. Its ability to re-bloom over and over again is a symbol of the power of life and its continuous blessings

Wear My Prayer What Your Heart Desires collection

This necklace is from the What Your Heart Desires Collection

Wear My Prayer

From the Feel-in Collection a protection black leather gold and Swarovski bracelet

 For more information and to see the entire Wear My Prayer Collection click here

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