Custom Shirts And Suits For The Men

Let’s admit that we spend much more time worrying about what the Bat Mitzvah girl, Mom, sister etc. will wear to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration and not as much about the men!

We are excited to introduce our Mitzvah Market readers to Stacy Solow Custom Shirts.

Stacy’s mission is to design beautiful, high quality custom dress shirts, tuxedo shirts, sport shirts, suits and sport jackets for men and boys.

We spoke with Stacy to get more information on how this process works:

MM: Can you tell us a little background about how you began your custom shirt business.
I have 20 years of experience in the clothing business. I started in retail selling fine men’s clothing in my family’s store, Goody’s Men’s Shop. When I started designing custom shirts for my clients who desired something unique, I found that I loved helping them define their own sense of style.

Stacy Solow

This is a pink, blue and brown stripe custom shirt with a pink collar and cuff featuring cognac script monogram on a french cuff

MM: How does the process of creating a custom shirt or suit work?
I visit my clients in the comfort of their homes (or in some cases their offices). We talk about what they want and how they would like to look. In the case of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, I would want to know if the celebration is formal, casual or club attire. Then we look through fabric swatches, I take measurements and we are on our way to a custom fit.

Stacy Solow

These pink and white stripes are contrasting on collar and cuffs. This is a very different look that can be clubby or formal

MM: How does a custom shirt or suit differ from what we can find in the stores?
Many families are concerned that their son (or the Dad/brother) will be dressed like all the other young male guests at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. With a custom made garment we can change the collar, cuffs, add trim and even a monogram to make your article unique. We can match colors to your decor, theme or to what the females of the family are wearing.

Stacy Solow

White on white jacquard with an extra high and wide collar. This shirt can be worn in a club atmosphere, also a great fabric for a tuxedo shirt

MM: How much time is needed for a custom fit?
Ideally I like to have 10 weeks, but can of course work within a shorter time frame if necessary. For a custom shirt, you only need 1 fitting, but with a custom suit an additional fitting is needed.

Stacy Solow

This custom shirt has a blue and white window pane design. Collar and cuffs are blue with a strip of white fabric used as the trim

MM: Bar Mitzvah boys are usually not done growing. What happens to a custom suit once you grow?
Custom suits include all future alterations if needed. I realize a 13 year can grow and we are able to accommodate this concern.

MM: How does the pricing work?
When I design and create a custom shirt or suit, you are going straight to the source. We can combine fabrics change buttons and button holes. You don’t have to worry about crowds at a store because you are in the comfort of your own home. Our shirts/suits also make a great gift and gift certificates are available through my Website. Our basic shirts start at $175.




Stacy is extending a special offer to any Mitzvah Market reader. Get $25 off any purchase, just tell her Mitzvah Market sent you.




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