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Buy A Dress, Get A Professional Painting!

By Jesus Estrada

The perfect dress.

There is a lot of pressure on every twelve-going-on-thirteen year old girl (and her mother) on dreaming up what her perfect dress will look like for her special day.

An even more daunting task is then embarking on the needle-in-a-haystack journey to every department store and specialty store in the Tri-state area and beyond tying to find that your dreams have come true in dress form. Sounds borderline impossible to me.

At Marteal & Estrada, a contemporary womenswear boutique in White Plains, New York, the in-house designers specialize in custom eveningwear. The three designers have a consultation with the Bat Mitzvah to be young lady, and sketch her ideas out as she explains the vision for the dress of her dreams.

She chooses every detail of the dress down to the color of the Swarovski crystals that she can add to really make her stand out and sparkle. The experience of creating and seeing your dress come to life is a unique and wonderful experience for the mother and daughter to share as they plan this once in a lifetime occasion.

On top of creating the dress itself, the designers offer a customized fashion painting of the Bat Mitzvah girl in her actual dress.

Marteal & Estrada
This painting was a surprise to the Bat Mitzvah girl!

What better display piece than an original painting, of the Bat Mitzvah girl herself, in her custom dress, front and center at her own party? After the party, you are left with the keepsake of an original custom painting to commemorate the special day.

While yes, traveling around to make sure you have seen every dress in the northeast could be a nice bonding experience, creating and watching your fantasies become a reality at the hands of custom designers is a pretty fantastic time.

To learn more about Marteal & Estrada, visit their Website.



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