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Mitzvah Idea: Table Tent Trivia

Get the conversation started with Table Tent Trivia! We spotted these at the recent Stationery Show and although they did not have specific Bar or Bat Mitzvah table trivia, we thought it was a great idea to bring to our Mitzvah Market readers.


Table Tent Trivia packages trivia questions around party themes. Trivia questions are printed on decorative table tents – essentially large placecards – to add fun and originality to your event. The table tents add visual interest to your party’s table setting (or buffet or cocktail/bar setups) while inspiring conversations based on your event’s theme!

Table Tent Trivia

Movie trivia


Table Tent Trivia

Just For The Girls

Table Tent Trivia

Martini themed

The Table Tents cover a range of topics offering themes such as Chick Flicks, Summer/Tropical, and Classic Guy Films. They also have coordinating napkins and invitations.

Check them out here.




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