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Mitzvah Find: Triventy – Trivia For Live Events

Triventy is a game platform which enables you to write and host live trivia games during any social gathering, such as family events (Bar /Bat Mitzvah celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) or simply when you’re having a fun evening with friends.

Guests participate in the game using their SMARTPHONES – without the need to install any App – while you (or your DJ/MC) present the game on a large screen. What a great idea for extra entertainment at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration!

Create your own Live Trivia Game: “It’s simple and fun, 3 steps and you’re done!”

Step 1: Set up your questions 

Write your own questions, or customize any game from their extensive library.

Step 2: Invite the event guests to join

Your guests will be presented with a very short link (aka, ‘triv.in‘) on the screen. Using that link, they can join the game from their smartphones – without installing any App.

Step 3: Start the game! 

That’s it! Once the guests are in, you start running the game. The game syncs across the main screen and the guests’ smartphones, so everybody enjoys this fun experience in real-time, while viewing the game results on the large screen.



 Click here to view a game in action!

Triventy is offering limited-time discount for Mitzvah Market readers. Please use the code ‘MitzvahMarket‘ when checking out for instant 15% discount. Offer ends September 15, 2015.

To learn more about Triventy – Trivia For Live Events, visit their Website.

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