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Mitzvah Find: The Lanyard Ladies

The Lanyard Ladies, who specialize in friendship bracelets and lanyard birthday parities, now offer Custom Made Shoelace Charm Bracelets.

They have 28 different styles of shoelaces to choose from and the charms are made to match the theme of your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah theme or color scheme.  


The Lanyard Ladies

The guest of honor picks their favorite theme, sport, or phrase and The Lanyard Ladies make the charms to your child’s specifications 

Lanyard ladies charm

 At your event, guests pick their shoelace, their charm and then watch their bracelet being made right in front of them

Lanyard Ladies

If you prefer, they also offer bracelet making at your event. Guests can make friendship bracelets, lanyard bracelets, key-chains, bookmarks, lanyard pens, beaded necklaces and bracelets

To bring The Lanyard Ladies to your event or find out more about information click here or call them at 516-578-2248.

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