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Mitzvah Find: Obama Hologram

Something new!

With, you can invite the President of the United States to your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  Well, almost the President of the United States! 

Utilizing augmented reality technology, this life like hologram of President Obama will be seen speaking, interacting and posing for photos with your guests.

Participating guests will receive an instant email with their souvenir photo and a link to their video interaction with President Obama.


Obama halogram
Watch the demo video here

An iPad is used to capture this amazing illusion, based on an emerging technology called, augmented reality. President Obama will appear on screen wherever the special Presidential seal floor mat is placed. This Obama hologram even has a sense of humor. He’ll crack jokes and pose for pictures.

Your guests will select from a variety of virtual interactions with our 44th President. Once their virtual experience is captured, it will be replayed on a nearby monitor. Guests will also receive an email with their photo and video.

You can get more information at or call them at 800-492-1214.


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