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At A Bar Bat Mitzvah, It’s All About The MUSIC!


Many people believe that the music is the most important element at a Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah celebration and that the MC sets the tone for the whole event.

Start looking for your entertainment company at least a year ahead of your date and be sure to book them at least 9 months ahead of time; longer if there’s a popular person you want to lock in. There are other benefits to signing vendors up early; like anything, rates continually go up, but if you sign a contract and rates change, they have to honor the quoted rate you agreed upon.


10 Ideas To Find The Right Entertainment Company For Your Celebration

1. When you attend a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and love the music, be sure to ask for the MC/DJ’s card.

2. Ask your friends, your relatives and your caterer for recommendations.

3. Personality counts. It’s the interaction with the audience that sets them apart so be sure to meet and interview several to assess this.

4. Visit their Websites and watch videos of past events to get a sense of the MCs style.

5. Discuss how much interaction you want your MC to have with your guests. Do you want him/her asking people to get up and dance?

6. Let your MC/DJ know about your crowd, so they’ll know what kind of music to play.

7. Discuss the songs you choose for any entrances, candle lighting, the mother/son or father/daughter dance, etc.

8. Ask how many dancers/motivators they recommend for the number of guests you will have, but don’t feel pressured to have more than you or your child want.

9. Make sure you explain your preferences on loudness.

10. Make sure you are on the same page by putting everything in writing.

Please consider these Entertainment Companies.

It’s simple to get answers to any questions you might have directly from them! Just check off all the boxes for the vendors you are interested in learning more about and then fill out the form on the bottom. Give it a try!

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