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They are not quite a vase, not quite a box but you gotta check them out.

Blumebox is a great eco-friendly way to decorate your table or use as a place card holder for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

They come in many different sizes, a great variety of super chic colors and ribbon trims, boas and belly bands so that you can really customize your look. We love that they are very affordable but still a stylish way to bring color to your table settings. Plus they are 100% recyclable.

Each Blumebox place card has a white tag where you can write guest names and/or table numbers, and a tiny water tube that holds a single flower stem. They’re shipped flat in a small box and they just snap together. The blumebuds, like all of Blumebox’s products, come in a huge variety of stylish colors and patterns. Prices range from $3.50 for a 4” cube to $4.50 for a 10” tall vase.




blumebox 5

blumebox placecard

For more information, visit their Website.

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