Out Of The Box Event Decor: Candle Lighting Display, Sign-In Options & More

Out of the Box Event Decor offers unique and creative party decor for Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

They specialize in custom sign-in boards, place cards, seating charts, logo design, photo décor and more. Additionally, they also offer creative consulting services for families looking for assistance with developing a theme or event concept for their celebration.

Recently, they worked with the Kaufman family who celebrated their son’s Bar Mitzvah at H On The Harbor in Port Washington, New York.

The family wanted to have a kid-oriented event where Jacob could get together with his friends for a truly “rockin” party. Therefore, what better than a “rock star” theme to incorporate his love of music, concerts and dancing.

Special touches such as a custom VIP pass that were handed out by dancers as each guest entered the party and a great logo design tied the theme together from start to finish. Jessica Garmise from Out of the Box Event Decor designed the event décor for this fun and modern party.

Together with Jacob and his family, they brainstormed ideas to create a unique candle lighting display, sign-in board and much more! Check out their special touches below:


Out Of The Box Creations

 Jacob’s candle lighting illuminated the room and dazzled his guests

Out Of The Box Creations

 Out of the Box created a stunning 2-tiered lighted display with Jacob’s name and custom cutouts with his logo and silhouette

Out Of The Box Creations

Jacob lighting a special candle with his grandparents



Out Of The Box Creations

Jacob was looking for something fun and unique for his sign-in board. Out of the Box had the idea to blow up a silhouette of Jacob singing and then divide it into 140 small pieces that guests could sign

Out Of The Box Creations

After signing, each piece was attached to a large grid. As more pieces were assembled, Jacob’s silhouette began to appear on the sign-in board. Guests kept returning to the board during the night to see what the final design would reveal! 



Out Of The Box Creations

One of the most unique and special touches was the custom VIP passes that were created for each child attending the party. On the back of each VIP pass was a number and throughout the night, the DJ would give out prizes based on the number of each person’s VIP pass



Out Of The Box Creations

The orange and dark grey logo was designed to match the color scheme of Jacob’s invitation and fit perfectly with the rock-star theme of the night

Out Of The Box Creations

The logo was used on many of the party elements including the favors, pillows and the candle lighting

Out Of The Box Creations

 Out of the Box designed the back of the t-shirts to look just like a real concert tour with dates and locations for Jacob’s “Mitzvah Tour”

To learn more about Out Of The Box Event Decor, visit their Website.

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