Mitzvah Ideas You Can Do Yourself

We found a great resource that we are happy to share with our Mitzvah Market readers! is a premier site for special event planners and anyone who likes to “do it yourself!”

They are not just about crafts. They are all about events and party planning. They offer glass vases, decorations, floral supplies, lights, floralytes, fiberoptics, freeze dried petals, eco-friendly confetti, decorations and just about everything else you will need for an elegant and memorable event. And all at substantial savings.

Save On Crafts lanterns

Colorful paper and nylon lanterns dress-up a room! Choose from LED battery operated paper lanterns and lights for paper lanterns at discount prices.  More info here.

Save On Crafts light ups

Maybe you are looking to use floralytes for the look above? The round submersible Floralytes have an on off switch and are re-usable and waterproof (you can replace the batteries). More info here.

Save On Crafts balloons

Illuminate your balloons with the Balloon LED lites. Can be set for slow blink, fast blink, steady on, which is actually a non-annoying, super-fast blink. More info here.

Save On Crafts glass balls

The photo above shows garlands made with different size balls hanging from the ceiling. There is a hook on both ends of each handblown glass sphere. You use wire or fish line to attach them to make a garland, curtain or display. More info here.

Check out for many, many more ideas and get inspired!





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