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Mitzvah Find: Design A Mosaic

Everyone wants unique photos on display at their Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration, but how can you guarantee that your photos will be 100% one of a kind? Well, you could go to Design A Mosaic.

They boast that they’re “putting the personal back in personalized,” and they’re not kidding.

There’s no way we can do justice to exactly how incredible these mosaics are by simply telling you about them, so let’s skip right to the part where we show you some examples. Get ready to be wow-ed.

Design a mosaic

Design a mosaic 2

Design a mosaic 3

Yes, these photos are all made up of tiny little images. The company has a detailed explanation of their process on their Website, but in order to make a mosaic all you have to do is pick out a photo you’d like as your large “main” image and then supply them with all the images you want incorporated in the mosaic. Easy as pie, and your guests will be stunned — plus they’ll enjoy looking for themselves in the images!

To find out more about Design A Mosaic, visit their Website.

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