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Mitzvah Inspire: Fishing Theme With A Creative Candle Lighting

Event planner Jeffrey Klein of East 7th Street Promotions impressed us with his candle lighting picture cubes and now he’s done it again.

We love his interpretation of a “fishing” themed Bar Mitzvah with another creative candle lighting display!


All party photography was provided by Karen Farber of Karen Farber Photography


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There were many fishing details that related to the theme and the Bar Mitzvah boy’s passion.



East 7th Street: Fishing Theme
Each child received a custom VIP fishing license pass they could wear throughout the event

East 7th Street: Fishing Theme
Candles in illuminated mason jars holding live fish adorned each table

East 7th Street: Fishing Theme
The adult area was elegant, but still had a feel for fishing; the centerpieces were wicker fishing creels filled with seasonal wildflowers and bamboo fishing poles with dangling votives

East 7th Street: Fishing Theme
Sam, the Bar Mitzvah boy, performed his candle lighting at a “dock,” set up with logs and rope set up to give an authentic feel and the specially designed fishing logo on the front to make it personal

East 7th Street: Fishing Theme
Mimicking the candles on the adult tables, the candle lighting display was made up of candles floating in illuminated vases

East 7th Street: Fishing Theme
The whole party was bathed in blue, from the candles to the vaulted ceiling and walls, to enhance the ambiance

East 7th Street: Fishing Theme

Each young guest went home with the above logo on a wearable favor so they could remember the “off the hook” fishing themed party

Thanks to East7thStreetPro for sharing this unique theme with our readers. It’s a great reminder that literally any interest or theme can be translated into a gorgeous party.

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