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Creative Ideas for the Candle Lighting Ceremony – Part I

By Leslie Price, from In Any Event

Many Mitzvah Moms struggle with the tradition of candle lighting. You worry about offending or excluding family and friends, our kids spend hours writing rhyming poems instead of studying their Hoftorah portions, and song selections become a family debate. All the while, the underlying question remains, “How can a Mitzvah candle lighting ceremony be unique, memorable and ‘cool,’ all at the same time?”

You can create non-traditional alternatives to candle lighting ceremonies which are inclusive and meaningful. Here are some ideas and who knows, maybe you’ll start a trend!

1. ALL INCLUSIVE – Place a votive candle and book of matches at each place setting. For young adults and children, use battery-operated flameless candles which can be purchased from Michael’s craft store or Save-On-Crafts. Also consider giving everyone flashlights in lieu of candles which double as favors! Check out the assortment from FarFromBoring.

Dim the lights. As your child lights each candle, he/she will call upon a particular group of guests to light their own candles from their seats. Ideally, by the time your child lights the last candle, everyone has lit theirs and the room is glowing.

2. PLANT A TREE – Instead of lighting candles, plant 14 trees in Israel. Display 14 saplings during the reception in the same way you would display a cake with a small card in front of each explaining the honorees they represent. This is a great option for families who don’t actually want a candle lighting ceremony.

3. WISDOM – Combine the montage with the candle lighting by hiring a company that specializes in combining video and photos, such as Rewind Pictures (Editor’s note: Rewind Pictures was featured in a past MM newsletter). Have them film interviews with honorees. Long distance relatives can be recorded by phone. Each honoree offers words of wisdom for your child. Candles can be lit live by your child as he/she watches candles being lit in the video.

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We would like to thank Leslie Price from In Any Event for these fabulous ideas! Check out more ideas in Creative Ideas for the Candle Lighting Ceremony – Part II. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to hear more of Leslie’s ideas!