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Mitzvah Find: Treat House

Treat House
, billed as the first shop in the city dedicated to gourmet marshmallow-and-crisped-rice just opened its doors to rave reviews.

Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, owners Chris and Jennifer Russell came up with the idea for the store after helping their kids make Rice Krispies Treats for a charity bake sale. People started asking where they could buy them and a delicious idea was baked.

The gourmet treats are always made with the customer’s health in mind. Unless specified, all treats are Kosher, dairy-free, nut-free and some gluten-free.

They also give a portion of each purchase to the Food Bank for NYC, so you can really enjoy each delicious bite!

There are 12 original flavors at all times and 4 flavors that rotate seasonally. We think you need to treat your guests to these!




Treat Shop chocolate chip

These are chocolate pretzels mixed with dark chocolate and caramel

Treat shop-chocolate mint
Chocolate Mint mixed with chocolate chips and mint marshmallow, topped with chocolate ganache and a mint patty

  Treat Shop

How about some blueberry pie?

Treat House smores
Toasted vanilla marshmallows are mixed into this s’mores-topped treat

They deliver both locally nationwide. Find out more about Treat House on their Website or by calling them at 212-799-7779.


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