Mitzvah Inspire: Icy Treats


We all wanted summer to be here and now that it’s here, we all want to cool down!

Serve some of these great treats at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah reception and you are sure to please your crowd!



Here are some ideas:


mitzvah inspire beat the heat 1

Pop Bar in New York City’s Little Italy offers their gelato pops (plus they have pop sorbet and pop yogurt) in many different flavors

mitzvah inspire beat the heat 4
Add the spirit of Aloha to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration with fresh fruit smoothies from Maui Wowi in a dozen all-natural, non-fat flavors

mitzvah inspire beat the heat 2

The Mojito and Limoncello Granitas from Abagail Kirsch Catering are a big hit with adult guests with watermelon vodka lime granite

Mitzvah Inspire: Icy Treats

From Drinks Fantastic. Strawberry and regular Margaritas cools things off in Dallas

Mitzvah Inspire: Icy Treats

From Cake Central: Believe it or not the Bat Mitzvah girl’s last name was Hagen. The cake was made from Rice Krispie treats!

Barzilay ice cream truck
A Mr. Softee truck after your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah will hit the spot. This one was featured in the Barzilay Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Do you have an “Icy” Mitzvah exit idea? Let us know at





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