Mitzvah Find: Get Smushed!

Smush likes to think of themselves as the “New York Deli of Desserts.”

You can’t get a pastrami and rye, but you can get a “Chocolate Covered Struben,” or the “Chocolate Phatty Melt,” or a “French Chip.”

Smush’s signature treats are made-to-order ice cream sandwiches. For a Bar Bat Mitzvah reception, they will re-create a space that will not only look great, but WOW your guests for dessert as well!




 Smush dessert

The Chocolate Struben has bread shaped cookies, Nutella spread, fresh sliced strawberries, sliced milk chocolate, and vanilla ice cream


A delicious assortment from Smush

First, you pick your cookie flavor – 8 different kinds to choose from. Then you can pick from wet toppings such as caramel or Nutella, then choose a fruity topping like strawberries, then comes the ice cream flavor, chocolate or vanilla. Next step is the type of fudge to put in the middle. You have to make five choices for one ice cream sandwich, but it’s so worth it!

Smush is opening a new location in 2014, and they are available for catering at events.

Visit their Website and get Smushed!

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