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Mitzvah Find: Boomf, Magical Mallows

We read about Boomf.com in the New York Times Style section and wanted to share!

This new company is the brain child of Andy Bell and James Middleton, the brother of Duchess Kate.

They’re making a name for themselves with the launch of this personalized marshmallow company that uses digital photographs!



Watch this video on how to make a Boomf here

Boomfs make great gifts! We were thinking they would work great on a Bar Bat Mitzvah candle lighting cake! They come nine to a box and are bite size.



Boomf will ship worldwide, but you need to allow at least 15 days to ship to the U.S. They will last 3-5 days once opened and 6 months when left in the packaging.



You can use your photos from instagram!


Each box costs $25.00. To learn more visit boomf.com.

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