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Candy Bar Question Answered

We love being the “Dear Abby” of the Bar Bat Mitzvah world.

Many readers email us with questions and if we don’t know the answers, we go to the Mitzvah experts!

Recently, a reader asked about creating her own candy bar buffet for her child’s celebration. She didn’t know how much candy to estimate per person.

We asked a few vendors and wanted to share their responses:



Stripes suggests approximately 8 ounces of candy per guest.

CandyWarehouse logo large

They have a Tips and Tricks section on their Website that discusses amounts to purchase when creating your own candy bar buffet. Read more here.


Lisa’s Candy Buffet says, “For 150 guests, if you want each guest to have 1/4 pound, order approximately 40 pounds. For 1/2 pound each, order 80 pounds! It’s more than enough.”

Lisa's Candy Buffet

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Kelly from The Candy Chick told us, “My rule is 1/4 pound of candy for each guest regardless of age. You’ll always have some guests who take more and some who take none at all, so this provides a good amount for a beautiful display and enough of everyone’s favorites. For a party with 75 guests, I would order about 19 pounds of candy. “

The Candy Chick

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