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Mom To Mom Advice – Last Minute Things You Are Forgetting

Question – We will be celebrating my son’s Bar Mitzvah in a few weeks. I’m trying to think ahead and stay organized, but I’m sure there are last minute things I’m forgetting about. Can anyone let me know what to expect in the days before our celebration?

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  1. Karen says:


  2. Donna says:

    My son’s was this past weekend and the two days before the bar mitzvah were insane. Make sure to lay out your outfits (for everyone) for the temple, party etc including shoes and jewelry. Drop off your favors, sock, etc to the venue the day before the party. Put together the bathroom baskets, socks, kippah baskets in advance so this way they are done and ready to go. Send a copy of the d’vor torah to the rabbi so they have it in case you forget it. Do your speech ahead of time – we were doing it at 3am in the morning the day of the bar mitzvah. make a list for the photographer to make sure he gets the right pictures which is something I did not do.
    Have a nightly glass of wine to relax 🙂

  3. Dawn says:

    Envelopes for all the tips, pre-filled with each ones tip in the the envelope and the vendors name neatly printed on them. I did all mine a week before so it was one last thing I needed to worry about. The day was so hectic it was so easy to pull out each vendors envelope and hand it to them with a big thank you!

  4. Roberta says:

    This is my checklist:
    Cell phone w/all vendor contact #s.
    Copies of all written materials like speeches, D’Var Torah.
    Copies of playlist, montage and seating arrangements.
    Hairspray and cosmetics
    Needle and thread, extra hosiery,
    Tylenol and mints
    Tide spot remover pen
    Shopping bags

  5. Marcy says:

    We hosted sleep away camp friends the night of our son’s Bar Mitzvah. Nothing formally was sent, I relied on my son telling his friends, so a few weeks before our party, I took the time to write an email to the parents explaining the plan. How they would get from the party back to our house, what to bring (sleeping bag/pillow), where to check it and what time pick up was the next day. This avoided a lot questions in the days right before the party 🙂

  6. Andi says:

    I sent an email to all of our vendors the week of my son’s Bar Mitzvah. It was just a reminder confirming the details we agreed on, especially date, time and location. They all sent back a return email, confirming my confirmation 🙂

    • Tammy says:

      What a great idea! I hadn’t heard that one and I wish someone suggested I do that. Believe it or not, I had one vendor (who will remain nameless) not show up the day of my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah! It was a last minute add-on so it was fine in the end.

  7. Julia says:

    Prepare yours and your husband’s speeches for the temple and/or the celebration and make sure you put a copy in a bag designated as “bring to temple” or “bring to party”.
    Also, in that same bag make sure you put a copy of the candle lighting poems, a copy of all your table assignments, and a list of all your vendors with a contact phone number and email.
    Bring as much as possible to your venue and temple a day or two before, so that you don’t have to worry about remembering a lot of things the day of your celebration.

  8. Jill says:

    Dedicate a box or bag just for the temple. Include anything you will need for the service. Programs, kippahs & bobby pins & something to display them on or in, an invitation to display w/a stand, a tablecloth for the table where you are going to display these items (just in case the temple doesn’t have one), spice bags(for Havdalah services, extra direction cards to venue, list of honors in case Rabbi doesn’t have them, mom & dad speeches to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah child, Tallis for Mitzvah child etc.. There’s more things you need then you think and I found if you start gathering these items the week or a few days before you won’t be scattering at the last minute.

  9. Lisa says:

    Contact your Venue to arrange a time to drop off kids bags, socks etc. Make sure you ask if they have candles for the cake. Also, make sure when you drop off hotel bags, you let the front desk know to hand them out. Expect the last few days to be a little hectic, make a list and check off when the task is complete.

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