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How Marquis Florals Can Help Create Your Party Theme/Look

Marquis Florals and Event Design by Kim has been in business for over 25 years and is a full service event planning and floral design company.

They are experts at bringing your Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration to life and offer a wide range of services. Whether you need centerpieces, decor, a sign-in idea, place cards and/or favors, they can help bring these elements to life and create a cohesive look for your party.

Not every family will have a specific theme, but will still need an overall color or look for their event. This is sometimes a challenge and the only answer you get when asking your child is, “I don’t know.” Sound familiar?

We asked Kim to give us insight into how she and her team create a theme/look for their clients:

MM: What is the first step in trying to create a theme/look for one of your clients?
MF: The first step is to have a meeting with the family to get an over feel of the type of event and mood they want to have that day and to establish the excitement that day will have for all of their family and friends.

Marquis Floral

Marquis Floral

MM: At what point do you involve the Bar Bat Mitzvah guest of honor?
MF: I like to establish a relationship with the Bar Bat Mitzvah guest of honor shortly after meeting with the parents. I ask them questions so I can get to know what they like and I listen to everything they say. Not all children want to be the center of attention and have photos of themselves displayed around the room. It’s important to understand how they want to celebrate this milestone event with their family and friends.

Marquis Floral

MM: What happens next?
MF: Based on that meeting (usually 1 hour), I can make some suggestions while keeping a balance between what the child wants and what the parent would like to spend. Not everyone wants a particular theme like movies, sports or theater, but we still need to make everyone happy with an overall cool look!

Marquis Floral

MM: Any advice for Bar Bat Mitzvah planning families on how to deal with kids who keep saying, “I don’t know what I want?”
MF: I always find it funny how a suggestion from me is considered, but when the parents suggest the same idea, it’s shot down! I also recommend that the girls go onto to see what they like.

Marquis Floral

Marquis Floral

MM: Once a theme or look is decided upon, what is the next step?
MF: After the initial meeting, I’m able to show examples to the family of what the centerpiece, decor, place card etc might look like based on the themes we came up with. When we work with our clients, we do everything in-house. If I suggest a certain look for the sign-in, I can watch as our art department creates it and make sure it is what we discussed.

Marquis Floral

 To learn more about Marquis Florals, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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