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The Real Deal With Randi: Tips For Your Child, The Attendee

By Randi Curhan, Designed By Randi

Last time my Real Deal was about Getting Organized, this time I’m offering a few tips to keep the kids organized while they are on the Bar Mitzvah circuit.

I cannot count how many times my son would come home from a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration minus his navy blazer, which of course was indistinguishable from the fifty others at the party. Then I would inevitably receive the news that he had also somehow misplaced the gift that I sent him with. Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties can truly be a whirlwind of activity with the lights and non-stop music, so it is not really reasonable to expect our thirteen year olds to keep it all together.


Here are two Real Deal tips so they can enjoy with minimal losses:

1. Send a gift in with your response card if you are giving a check. If you prefer to send a nice card, you can enclose the check and response card into the card envelope. This eliminates the chance of your child forgetting to hand in their gift!

Real Deal With Randi

2. Just like you might do if they go away to sleepaway camp, place name tags on removable articles of clothing like sweaters, jackets, ties and blazers. Mabel’s Labels have some easy to use labels that will come in handy all year long.

Real Deal With Randi

Hopefully this will help reduce the stress for everyone!

About Randi Curhan
Randi Curhan is the founder of Designed By Randi. She will help give your affair that extra special finishing touch through custom graphic design services including logos, table signage and place-cards, sign-in boards, favors and montage services. She has honed her graphic design skills over many years and has designed flyers, posters, invitations and logos for PTA events, sports teams, foundations, businesses and parties. Designs are created in the industry standard Adobe Illustrator.

Randi has also successfully planned her three boys B’nai Mitzvot, creating theme concepts and unique logos for each child encapsulating their interests and personalities. She uses these themes and logos to tie together all elements of the affair: from the save-the-date sent months prior to the party to the favors given as guests depart.

Visit www.designedbyrandi.com for more details.

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