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The Pieced Palette: Custom Bar Mitzvah Ties

It seems like most of the fashion shopping for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah revolves around the Bat Mitzvah girl, her sisters and the Mom. That is, until now!

Enter The Pieced Palette. You might know this company for their one-of-a-kind sign-in pillows, beanbags or gift pillows made from logos, photos or invitations.



The Pieced Palette can create custom neckties and bow ties, plus cummerbunds, braces/suspenders and ascots. 

Bar Mitzvah tie

Josh’s JG logo was placed on Yankee pinstripes for his sign-in pillow. The design was modified for an all over pattern on a silk necktie

When ordering, 10 weeks lead time is preferred. Pricing based on number of items ordered, material selected and design.




SPECIAL MITZVAH MARKET DEAL: Get $50 off a combination of a Sign-In Pillow or Bean Bag and a Men’s formal wear item (same logo required on all items).

Contact The Pieced Palette at 914-420-1746 or and to learn more about The Pieced Palette, visit their profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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