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Sweet Dreams Photo Video provides gorgeous award-winning Bar & Bat Mitzvah and Wedding Photography, Video and super fun Photo Booth entertainment. They are here to serve you and provide you with the best pictures and video from your special event. They want to be your family’s best photographer for life.

We asked owner JB Yong to tell us all about a new, cool concept he’s been doing at Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations called, Drone Photography.




MM: What exactly is drone photography?
JB: A drone is a flying unmanned aircraft that can have a camera attached to it so it can take photo and video shots from the sky. It provides a unique dramatic perspective that can give a cinematic look to video.

Bar Mitzvah Drone Photography
For this recent Bar Mitzvah, Sweet Dreams Photo Video provided the photography, videography (including drone) and photo booth fun!
Watch the recap video

MM: How does it work?

JB: The drone flies with advanced navigation and communications technology which is linked to a remote control operated by a pilot on ground. Drones can communicate with global GPS satellites to determine its telemetry and bearing. There can be a camera attached to the drone that takes photos or video of the surroundings. 

Drone: Sweet Dreams Photo & Video

MM: Where can you do this?
JB: We can fly drone in any open area like golf course or park and I have even flown it over open water like Hudson River in New York. I use it to get great aerial shots of the synagogue or event venue where the Bar Bat Mitzvah or wedding is held. For safety it is always recommended not to fly over populated areas and there are FAA guidelines restrictions. For example, it cannot be flown near an airport and it has to be flown under 400 feet high.

Drone Photography

MM: Does it have to be done during a certain time of year or time of day?
JB: Drones can be flown any time of year. It is usually best to fly a drone during the day where there is daylight so there is clear line of sight. It is easier to see so it does not inadvertently get lost.

Drone Photography 

MM: How did you come up with this idea of Drone Photography?
JB: I saw short video clip of a drone flying over a bride and groom. Since I do weddings too, this gave me a lot of inspiration to provide a cinematic look and flair to my shots. I love getting creative and memorable shots for my clients.

Drone Photography

MM: What are the family’s reaction to the drone?
JB: The families have never seen drones before and are pleasantly surprised to see the drone fly around. Kids especially get super excited and love seeing the drone. It’s like a new toy for them. The kids have a lot of fun and love chasing it around. Everyone loves seeing the final video footage that gives a unique and fun perspective of themselves from the sky.

Sweet Dreams Photo Blog1
 Watch a video of the drone here

MM: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about Drone Photography?
JB: Drones provide an exciting way to get unique shots that we were not able to get before. Previously, we had to rent an expensive helicopter or setup huge video cranes to get shots from high up. The flying drone shots adds an amazing cinematic look that we at Sweet Dreams always love to get for our weddings and Bar Bat Mitzvah families.

To learn more, visit the extended profile page for Sweet Dreams Photo Video in our Vendor Directory. 

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